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February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am Belinda Yvonne Thurston, a professional journalist and writer.

I retired in June 2012 from 20 years mostly in Gannett newspapers and nearly five years at the Dallas Morning News. Digital media is my specialty. I enjoy working with writers and photographers to hone their multimedia storytelling skills to help bring the relevance and impact of the story into focus. Stories are more than information. They are vibrant, living parts of our being. We are beings who’ve been connected by stories since antiquity. Our stories point out our unique aspects. Our stories bind us in common experience and emotion.

I have rededicated my passion for storytelling and connecting with community through my new venture, Just B Yoga & Tai Chi LLC, a donation-based yoga studio, and a non-profit, Free Being Yoga Network. Yoga means connection. If anything is evident in the state of our communities today is our dis-connection, our dis-ease. The state of our physical and mental health bear that evidence. The state of violence and how we treat one another. We don’t interact or immerse in experience. We have drive-by and click-through passes with one another.

Yoga and Tai Chi are ancient life practices centered on internal connection between body and mind to created holistic wellbeing. When these practices are extended beyond our bodies and into our behavior with one another we create healthy communities.

I’m still in the business of stories but I’m immersed in the community in the shaping of the story as well as the telling.

Today I am engaged not only in teaching yoga and tai chi but speaking and presenting on service-based businesses, conscious commerce and the power of community.